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The Wave Peaks to CV module provides a comprehensive way to measure the peak (maximum) and floor (minimum) values of a signal. Designed to sense the peak and floor values from waveforms, but usable with other signals, it was originally designed to complement the Wave State Processor module.

The module can also be used for any max/min sensing work, by default expecting the input to hit/cross zero (i.e. a traditional waveform from an oscillator or LFO) but has the option to sense a maximum or minimum that might be one polarity (e.g. +1V minimum +5V maximum, or -10V minimum and -3V maximum). The module includes fine tuning knobs (+/-0.5V) for both outputs to allow for fine adjustment of target CVs.

The module has inputs to automate the learning process and reset the module, as well as internal (25ms-2.5secs) and external sample and hold behaviour to automatically track changing amplitude waveforms with careful use of the settings.

Annotated image of Waves Peak to CV module with description of controls
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