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The Voltage-Controlled Matrix Switch module allows you to switch 8 inputs to 8 outputs in a matrix form (the module is switchable to work for either mono or polyphonic signals), so you can for example send input 1 and input 3 to output 1, input 1 and input 2 and input 5 to output 2, etc. The signal can be Control Voltages, clocks or Audio Signals. The row switches, which can also be voltage controlled, can be ganged up so that one input can switch can control multiple rows.

When you connect a jack into the Switch In connections, the module will take a “best guess” at how you want the links to be set, linking earlier rows together, and splitting where there is a jack. When CV Switch is in Gate:On mode, the ganged enable buttons will be switched to Disable the row – and the “All On” button will only switch any Enable buttons on that are not under the control of the Switch In signals.

Annotated image of Voltage Controlled Matrix Switch module with description of controls
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