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The Poly Micro Envelope VCA module is a polyphonic version of the Micro Envelope VCA, a simple and small form-factor Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain, Release (AHDSR) envelope (with an Envelope CV Output) teamed up with a Voltage Controlled Amplifier. This can be used effectively when you want to control multiple waveform outputs from the oscillators by individual envelopes.

The envelope section includes Fast and Normal attack curves and the Decay Time sync switch to lock the Decay and Release Times. The envelope section fully supports setting the mid-point of the log-scale time controls from the “options” cog-wheel button.

The VCA section can be controlled by the envelope in Linear or Exponent mode and has optional Zero Crossing processing for the VCA to reduce clicks when using aggressive envelopes.

Annotated image of Poly Micro Envelope VCA module with description of controls
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