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The Matrix Mixer module allows you to mix 6 inputs to 6 outputs (mono OR poly) in a matrix form, so you can for example send input 1 and input 3 to output 1, input 1 and input 2 and input 5 to output 2, etc. The signal can be Control Voltages or Audio Signals. Mixing uses a simple linear 0-100% mix. This module is useful for routing and other mixing duties, for example, taking the outputs from each VCO and mixing them differently into different signal chains such as filters, etc.

To assist with setting up the mix, a “QuickSet” button sets the output levels based on the number of connected inputs (so 3 jacks connected will set all output levels to 33%) and all the controls can be set to be used as linear (percentage-based) controls or as dB controls.

The module can be used for either polyphonic or monophonic signals. A switch allows changing between the modes when there are no signal input or output jacks connected.

Annotated image of Matrix Mixer module with description of controls
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