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The Multi A/B Poly-Processor module is an A/B Polyphonic CV Processor module that allows switching or morphing between two settings (A and B, each between -100% and +100%) for each of six channels, with the setting attenuating the signal from the channel’s input. The A/B morphing is controlled by an External CV (0V to 5V or -5V to +5V with +5V=B) or Internally, using the same approach as the Multi A/B Selectors, i.e. by a button or via triggers/gates for direct setting of A or B toggling (latched triggers) or a gate signal (normal or inverted) to control the selected set of inputs.

When controlled Internally and like the Multi A/B Selectors, each of the six channels can be set to switched mode or to have smoothing enabled (Cross-Fade) to stop clicks if switching audio or to fade between a set of control voltage inputs to morph between settings; the cross-fade speed (for the whole module) defaults to 25ms but can be set to between 0ms and 12secs; and the module also provides a Gate Out (off=A, on=B) so that multiple modules can be cascaded if you need more than six channels switched at the same time.

This module is designed to be used to morph or switch between two different patches or settings of modules by having different levels of CV controls (such as LFOs, envelopes, etc.) in the A and B modes. The morphing of the patch can then be controlled manually by a mod wheel, a slow LFO or even a long/delayed envelope triggered by the keyboard. This can also be used alongside the monophonic version which can also provide DC signals to control, for example, the Frequency and/or Q of a filter to completely morph between sounds.

Annotated image of Multi A/B Poly-Processor module with description of controls
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