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The Legato Processor module takes inputs from the keyboard, DAW or sequencer and outputs the gates from them in Legato (“single” mode), Retrigger (“multi” mode) as well as the trigger. This can be used so that parts of a patch respond to every note pressed whilst others only (re)trigger on the first note of a set of notes played in legato style.

With options that support Sequencers, and a voltage-controlled switchable Legato/Retrigger output allowing the use of e.g. a sustain pedal to select between legato and retriggered or having a sequence with some steps legato and others retriggering, this module can be used to generate interesting live and sequenced performances.

The inputs default to the panel connections to simplify patching – note that if ANY jack is connected to the inputs, then they ALL must be setup manually to ensure consistent behaviours.

The fundamental approach in the module is that, when a note value changes there is always a retrigger generated (and the multi-trigger can be ignored for the legato output) and when the note does not change and the gate ends, then that is the end of the legato sequence.

Annotated image of Legato Processor module with description of controls
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