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The Voltage-Controlled Switch module provides a flexible 8-to-1 signal switch module with comprehensive voltage-controlled options. The module takes up to 8 inputs (audio or control voltage) and switches the output to using one of these based on the input voltage or through manual operation.

The range used for switching can be set by the CV Max and CV Min knobs (supporting up to -5V to +5V) with a set of quick-set combinations available. The module supports the setting of the mid-point of the log-scale for the time control (from the “options” cog-wheel button).

The module can help with Ratcheting and other effects where you want to have one of up to 8 inputs selected at once, either manually or from a voltage-controlled source such as a sequencer, random or keyboard input.

Annotated image of Voltage-Controlled Switch module with description of controls
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