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A timed ratcheting unit with 8 steps and customisable patterns and gate times, including CV control over the gate times. Can be used in fixed mode (runs the whole sequence, 1 to 8 steps) or re-trigger mode. Outputs the combined trigger/gate signals plus individual step gates, and a chain trigger so that multiple 8-step units can be chained.

The timing can be from the host clock or from an optional gate input – the host/DAW mode is selected when no jack plugged into the clock in socket. In both cases, the rate can be set using the Beats control, from 1/16 beat to 16 beats per BPM. The gate width has a switchable minimum 2ms setting useful for Cherry Audio (and other) Envelopes, which have a minimum Attack Time of 2ms, and there are controls to set the individual gate widths to a single value or master value.

Annotated image of Pattern Ratcheter module with description of controls
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