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This small form-factor MicroTuning module allows individual control of the tuning for the notes in the standard 12-note scale. Originally conceived based on the approach provided by the Korg PS-3100/3200/3300 series of modular poly-synths, the module takes mono and poly inputs (defaulting to the IO Panel) and allows +/-100 cent adjustment for each note.

The tuning has a fixed set of sixteen micro-tuning presets available as the Equal and Custom modes, including Just, Pythagorean, Comma Meantones; various Bach,. classical and French intonations; some Wendy Carlos 12-note tunings; and tunings for Bagpipe and Chinese Lu. The tunings were largely sourced from The module can also be used to manually detune notes to get a more vintage feel.

The mono and poly outputs take the processed information as 1V/OCT inputs available to oscillators and/or instruments to provide basic micro-tuning support for any patch/instrument. The module should always be used as the first in the chain of modules affecting the 1V/OCT pitch control as it uses the voltage to infer the note being played. It can also be used with the new A440 Master Tuning module (which should be used after this module).

Annotated image of MicroTuning module with description of controls
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