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The UI Settings Configurator module is a stand-alone module (with no audio or CV processing) that allows users to easily configure the default behaviours of any of the Andrew Macaulay Modules that have custom settings for the time-knob mid-point or minimum attack, decay/release or gate times.

The module also allows users to configure the Release Notes popup behaviour and custom help tooltips behaviour and delay setting (not available in the modules themselves). The settings are shared between all Andrew Macaulay Modules and reflect the defaults that can also be set within the modules. This module does not do any processing at all and, once used, can be removed from the patch as the values are saved as they are changed.

Most of the settings in the module can also be set from individual modules where module specific settings are also available, but this module provides a clearer view of all the global settings and adds some options that are not surfaced in individual modules.

Annotated image of UI Settings Configurator module with description of controls
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