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A simple, fixed ratcheting gate module with 6 outputs fixed at 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, 6x and 8x with an overall control of the speed locked to either the Host BPM (typically from the DAW) or optionally from a gate/clock input (which is used to calculate the BPM) and the gate width for all outputs.

Note the the BPM sensing process does have limitations (as with hardware) in that it takes a few beats to work out the speed of the input. The module includes a switchable minimum 2ms gate-width for the output, useful when used with e.g. Cherry Audio Envelopes which have a min Attack Time of 2ms.

A simple “baby brother” to the Pattern Ratcheter which has a lot more flexibility built in. Can be used with the 8-1 Switch or my Voltage Controlled Switch to providing complex ratcheting for sequences.

Annotated image of Micro Ratcheter module with description of controls
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