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The Trigger to Fixed Gate module is a simple module that takes a trigger (or the leading edge of a gate) signal and creates a fixed length gate from it. This can be useful in driving some envelopes for simple percussive effects from a simple trigger without the need to use the Re-Gater module. There are two identical channels in this small form factor module.

This module has two channels taking a Trigger input (either from a pure Trigger signal or from the leading edge of a Gate signal) and outputs a set of fixed length Gate signals (1ms, 2ms, 5ms, 10ms and 25ms) which can be used to trigger envelope generators where a percussive effect is wanted from an envelope generator (i.e. just minimal attack and decay/release).

This is a simple, fixed-value version of the Gate Length Processor module in a small form factor and can be especially useful when using a sequencer for both notes (where the gate time may be longer) and percussion. The available times reflect different types of envelope generators available from Cherry Audio and third parties.

Annotated image of Trigger to Fixed Gates module with description of controls
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