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The Poly Delayed LFO module provide a polyphonic Delay and Fade envelope controlling the built-in monophonic LFO as well as two additional VCAs to use more powerful LFOs or other modulations with the delay module. The delay can be triggered on each separate polyphonic note, on the first note (effectively a legato mode for the LFO) or retriggered across all notes on each new note; this allows you to simulate the delayed LFO that was provided on vintage devices such as string machines.

The delay CV can be mixed with up to two mono CV inputs and two polyphonic CV inputs, allowing the mixing of e.g. keyboard after-touch, mod wheel, etc. with the delay envelope. Default routing for the POLY GATE input, as well as the MOD-WHEEL and AFTER-TOUCH inputs make this module easy to use whilst flexible. Support for +ve and -ve control voltages and mixing, as well as limiting to a specified range allow flexible control voltages.

The built in simple LFO, as controlled by the delay/modulation, is available with separate outputs for Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, Ramp, Square and Pulse (with a variable pulse width control) and the delay module has its own polyphonic output so that you can drive other modules with this.

Annotated image of Poly Delayed LFO module with description of controls
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