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The Multi A/B Poly-In Selector module is a simple A/B selector to route multiple polyphonic CV and audio signals controlled by a button or via triggers/gates which allow direct setting of A or B, toggling (latched triggers) or a gate signal (normal or inverted) to control the selected set of inputs. This can be used to switch or morph between two sets of signals or CV settings of modules.

Each of the six channels can be set to switched mode or to have smoothing enabled (Cross-Fade) to stop clicks if switching audio or to fade between a set of control voltage inputs to morph between settings. The cross-fade speed (for the whole module) defaults to 25ms but can be set to between 0ms and 12secs. The module also provides a Gate Out (off=A, on=B) so that multiple modules can be cascaded if you need more than six channels switched at the same time.

Annotated image of Multi A/B Poly-In Selector module with description of controls
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