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The Pitch CV to WaveTime module was originally conceived as a simple way to drive the Slew Processor for Audio Signals by converting 1V/OCT pitch control voltages to the time of the waveform. Although the main features of the module are focussed on this use, it can also be used to control features on other modules such as the times on the Voltage-Controlled Envelope.

The module takes a 1V/Octave CV input (which defaults to the Pitch input from the Voltage Modular I/O panel) and converts this to a CV representing the time-period of a waveform at that frequency. The calculated time then has a global Octave and Semitone offsets, settings for full cycle, half-cycle or quarter-cycle timing and scaling of the output signal to 10ms/V, 100ms/V or 1 second/V.

In addition to a simple CV output, two additional processors allow this amount to be attenuated and to have a modulation CV source mixed in so that you can easily control the Up and Down channels of the Slew Processor for used with audio signals. The module can also be used for other scenarios, such as adjusting the envelope times in the Voltage-Controlled Envelope.

Annotated image of Pitch CV to WaveTime module with description of controls
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