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The A440 Master Tuning module allows master tuning adjustments for mono and polyphonic 1V/OCT control voltages, including a set of preset tuning pitches (A440 plus various concert and other historic pitches). The tuning remains standard 12-semitone pitches and does not affect the octave spread, it just affects the base pitch. As well as a set of preset values, manual tuning for the note A4 can be set from 410Hz to 470Hz. In addition, there is a separate transpose section with octave, semitone and fine tuning which can be applied to the master tuned value.

There are CV outputs for the various offsets, plus CV inputs (defaulting to the I/O Panel inputs) and CV outputs with tuning and with tuning+transpose. There is also a sinewave tuning audio signal output (sine wave) with optional mute/50% attenuation which reflects the tuning setting and can therefore be used for manually tuning physical instruments to the pitch.

Annotated image of A440 Master Tuning module with description of controls
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