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The Drift Generator module generates very slow-moving (up to 2 hours 30 minutes) single-shot ramps and random drift patterns, typically used to give a patch a “more vintage” feel.

The module has two sections: the main (single shot) Drift Generation section used to generate the “drift” that often occurs with vintage analogue synths getting up to a stable temperature; and a separate S&H/Random Drift section which runs at a very slow frequency and can be used to provide random small amounts of change over time.

The Drift Generation section provides a simple ramp (0V to 5V, 5V to 0V) and a 0V to 5V to 0V “triangle” with adjustable shape, all with optional smoothing (exponential and S-shapes).

The Sample and Hold/Random Drift section includes a default random source or can be used with an external source, and the same lengths of timing can be used independently or linked to the ramp to add even more drift.

Direct outputs from each section and a mixed output are available. The times can also have more randomness applied with the option to add a percentage random length on each time the ramp or sample and hold are triggered.

Designed to work with the Stretch Tuning, Micro Tuning and A440/Master Tuning modules for tuning drift but can be used with any voltage-controlled modules to introduce small imperfections.

Annotated image of Drift Generator module with description of controls
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