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This page maintains information on any known significant issues in the modules together with their status and any workarounds. It should be read in conjunction with the Release Notes page which will provide updates on fixes, etc. that form part of any major release. Note that each release will only include modules where there are no known significant issues, or if any outstanding issues are minor and have easy workarounds that do not affect their normal use.

Status: No known issues
Last updated 15th December 2022

Issue #24: Trigger Counter start trigger input not recognised [13/11/2022] *CLOSED*
Description: Jack input for trigger to start the counter is not working. Also identified inconsistencies with Start and Reset behaviours in single-shot mode. Update will mean that START will auto-reset to zero if one-shot count had reached end, RESET will just reset the count to 0 and not start count. START and RESET will behave the same as currently in all other scenarios.
Status: Closed 15/11/2022

Issue #23: VC Envelope and Trapezoid Envelope Retrigger Resets to Zero [01/08/2022] *CLOSED*
Description: Retriggering the Voltage Controlled Envelope or Trapezoid Envelope while their final decay is still active (and in other conditions) resets the envelope to zero before starting the next envelope completely (what may be termed a “hard retrigger”. As this is unlike most other envelopes in Voltage Modular where the retrigger starts the attack from the current value (a “soft retrigger”), an update to these modules is being considered to change the behaviour to the soft mode or to provide the option for both implementations.
Status: Closed 08/11/2011 as new features in Release 6.2 envelopes added retrigger damping

Issue #22: CV Note Display options for octave display non-standard [01/08/2022] *CLOSED* 
Description: The CV Note Display was using non-standard options to determine the octave. Now changed to used a switch for the octave at Middle C (options being C3, C4 and C5) so that the default (C4) now matches the internal (default) behaviour for Voltage Modular, whilst still allowing settings that reflect other software e.g. Yamaha and Steinberg (Cubase) which use C3 notation and Cakewalk which defaults to C5.
Status: Closed 06/08/2022

Issue #21: Step Generator Reset to Starting not working when not active [11/06/2021] *CLOSED* 
Description: If the Step Generator is not actively “running”, the Reset to Starting button (and trigger input) do not set the step back to the first step but waits until the next gate is received. On further investigation, this is expected behaviour as the Reset to Starting button and trigger input are deliberately setup to Reset on the next clock step (or current step if at the same time as the step) to provide the most musical option. Also, all actions only working when Clock In is connected (making manual reset not possible then). I have therefore added items to the backlog for future releases to enhance this module to allow for reset when no clock connected as well as other further enhancements around this behaviour. 
Status: Closed 24/06/2021 as Expected Behaviour but will be improved in future releases

Issue #20: Display Issue with Decimals on some non-English installations [16/04/2021] *CLOSED* 
Problem: Issues have been found with decimal numeric displays on “digital-style” displays when running on non-English language installations of an operating system – with a 10x value shown on the Tempo Display Host Tempo and additional spaces before decimal places on the Tempo Display External Clock and Dual Voltmeter. Originally identified on a German installation of Windows, but it is expected to be present on other non-English installs. 
Status: Fixed 19/04/2021

Issue #19: High CPU usage on Voltage-Controlled Envelope [29/11/2020] *CLOSED*
Problem: A regression bug (as part of some UI fixes) meant that the Voltage-Controlled Envelope module was causing high CPU usage which is linear if multiple VC-Envelope modules are added.
Status: Fixed 30/11/2020

Issue #18: MIDI Display does not show Program Change messages [01/09/2020] *CLOSED*
Issue: Even if the Voltage Modular option “MIDI Program Change Messages Should Change Current Preset” is set to OFF with Voltage Modular 2.0 the Program Change messages are not shown at all.
Status: 14/02/2021: Voltage Modular version 2.2 fixes the issue for stand-alone operation and for VST2 plugins, and I am assuming (although cannot test myself), AU and AAX plugins. The VST3 plugin does not pass Program Change messages to Voltage Modular at all, due to a limitation of (and design decisions for) the VST3 specifications – see limitations documented above.

Issue #17: Clock Generator occasional glitches, especially in slower modes [25/07/2020] *CLOSED*
Problem: When running the Clock Generator in synchronized mode with a setting of e.g. /2 or /3 then I seem to have found a number of glitches that can happen as part of the development and testing for Release 5.3 – which I have tested on R5.2 and seem to have the same issue. What can happen is – when first loading the module it do a /2 rather than a /3 (and so on), when you force a reset it typically does a /2 rather than a /3, and occasionally it will do a /2 rather than /3 step for no obvious reason. 
Status: Fixed 03/08/2020

Issue #16: Delayed LFO does not start BPM-sync’d LFO on loading preset [17/07/2020] *CLOSED* 
Problem: Loading a patch where the Delayed LFO has the speed set as BPM sync’d will start the LFO at a very very slow speed, only picking up the correct speed when the speed (divider) knob is changed, even back to the original setting. 
Status: Fixed 03/08/2020.

Issue #15: Poly Delayed LFO delay stops when gate released [10/07/2020] *CLOSED*
Problem: The delay stage stops if a gate is released so that, with patches that have long decays the LFO may start earlier than expected. 
Status: Fixed 03/08/2020.

Issue #14: VC Matrix Switch and Mixer row link/jack input behaviour [12/06/2020] *CLOSED*
Row link behaviour depends on CV Switch mode: when several rows linked in Trigger mode, any Switch In jack works on all rows, as expected; When Gate:On or Gate:Off mode, link will work only when Switch In jack is in the lowest linked row is used.

Workaround: For now, only use the Jack In connection on the lowest (visually) linked row when in Gate mode.
Status: Fixed 14/06/2020 with addition of tooltip for control input jacks heading to make clear how jack connections function.

Issue #13: Micro Status R5.2 tri-state LED issue [06/06/2020] *CLOSED*
Problem: If you change the new LED colour options to the tri-state Red and Blue LED (Red = -ve, Blue = +ve) and then change to another colour, the Red for -ve voltages incorrectly remains in place.
Workaround: Shutdown Voltage Modular and restart/reload the saved setup or preset with the Micro Status.
Status: Fixed in Voltage Modular v2.0.18+.

Issue #12: Custom Category lost and set to incorrect category [06/06/2020] *CLOSED*
Problem: A report has been made that if you setup a number of my modules (currently set to CV Processors) with custom categories, the custom category gets lost when you leave Voltage Modular and return to it – and it changes the category back to Processors. This seems to have been related to some issues with Voltage Modular’s handling of tags.
Status: Fixed in Voltage Modular v2.0.18+.

Issue #11: Dual Voltmeter losing decimal place and V when started connected [01/06/2020] *CLOSED*
the voltage display does not switch on the decimal place “.” or the “V” text when you open a patch/save where the module has been saved with a jack connected.

Workaround: Unplugging and re-plugging in the jack in will fix this display issue.
Status: Fixed 09/06/2020.

Issue #10: Clock Generator clock width generating 2x width set [29/05/2020] *CLOSED*
Problem: a bug was introduced in R5 where the clock generator clock width outputs a clock width 2x that set by the knob, so a setting of 50% generates a clock width of 100% (this still generates triggers, but is not correct).
Status: Fixed 29/05/2020 with special processing for any presets saved from the defective version (making the knob setting 2x the value if the knob was set to less than 50%). Note that this fix may have an impact on a very small number of presets saved with the R5 version of the module.

Issue #9: Slew Processor not working correctly on complex signals [25/05/2020] *CLOSED*
Problem: The slew processor is not working correctly on complex, fast changing input signals such as complex oscillators (especially for the audio oscillators).
Status: Fixed 26/05/2020 with additional features in Release 5.1.

Issue #8: Slew Processor quantize gates not implemented [10/05/2020] *CLOSED*
The gate inputs to control the quantize state of the rise and fall stages of the Slew Processor were not implemented and so any CV inputs to this jacks did not do anything.

Status: Fixed 19/05/2020 as part of Release 5 of the modules.

Issue #7: VC-Envelope Sustain Time knob flickers [01/12/2019] *CLOSED*
Problem: Voltage Controlled Envelope’s “Sustain Time” knob flickers on Windows PCs when you mouse across it when it is disabled, i.e. when the mode is Single Shot, or either of the AHD modes.
Status: Fixed 03/12/2019 in build 16 of VC-Envelope

Issue #6: Trigger Sync and Gate Toggle [20/03/2019] *CLOSED*
Problem: A number of issues with LED and state behaviours especially when removing jacks and saving/loading state/presets.
Status: Fixed 24/03/2019

Issue #5: Gate Length Processor, Clock Generator, Trigger Delay and VC Envelope BPM-Related State not restored [20/03/2019] *CLOSED*
Problem: When saving and loading presets which were using the BPM-divider timings, the loading of the preset would sometimes not work. This was related to the state the module is in when loading the preset.
Workaround: A workaround is to load the preset twice which recovers the BPM-based timing if it failed first time.
Status: Fixed 24/03/2019, and the load limitation (see note) should have been removed completely as part of Release 3 of the modules.
Note: The first time you load a BPM-based save, you may still need to load it twice. Once you have loaded, resave the preset to permanently fix the issue. This should no longer be required as R3 reworked the load process.

Issue #4: Manual Trigger State not restored [05/03/2019] *CLOSED*
Problem: On Manual Trigger module set up Trigger 1 as latched, Connect Trigger 1 gate to Gated Signal module Gate 1 input, Click Trigger 1 (trigger button turns green), Notice Gated Signal indicator light is on, Save Preset, Load Preset, Notice Trigger 1 is still on but Gated Signal indicator light is off.
Status: Fixed 07/03/2019

Issue #3: Last Gate on Pattern Ratcheter Silent [04/03/2019] *CLOSED*
Problem: The individual out for last beat in AndyMac’s 8-Step Pattern Ratcheter is always silent. IOW, with Steps/Beat set to 4, individual Outs for 1 through 3 can send a trigger but step 4 does not. This means the individual out for step 8 never works. [Thanks to scook for reporting]Status: Fixed 04/03/2019

Issue #2: Voltage/Tempo Display Not Refreshing [28/02/2019] *CLOSED*
Problem: When loaded in Voltage Modular as a plugin to Cubase 10 on Windows the displays sometimes don’t refresh automatically. On Cakewalk (which I also have) it seems to be working fine.
Fix/Workaround: Simply clicking on the module will update the display. Obviously this is far from ideal, but does make them usable for now.
Status: Closed: It looks like the problem has “gone away” with the latest version of Voltage Modular. I’ve got a rework of the displays on these two modules on the backlog to protect from similar issues in the future.

Issue #1: Pattern Ratcheter [24/02/2019] *CLOSED*
Problem: When loading a preset which uses the Clock-In for synchronising the speed of the ratcheting, the trigger won’t work immediately. Sometimes it will sort itself out, sometimes the first set of gates generated will be really slow and sometimes it will not react at all.
Fix/Workaround: The very simple workaround is to cycle the input mode switch, back to the BPM CV input, host/DAW input and back to the Clock In setting. This will resolve the issue and does not lose ANY of the other settings in the process.
Status: Fixed 28/02/2019

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