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The Frequency to CV module allows measurement (using similar approaches to the Frequency Meter) of input waveform frequencies and output of as a control voltage.

The module takes an input waveform at audio or low frequencies (working best with simpler waveforms), calculates the frequency of the input using selectable zero-crossing, positive or negative polarity sensing and outputs the frequency as a control voltage in multiple forms:

  • Frequency CV outputs as 1V/OCT “Pitch CV” for use with oscillators and other audio modules, with options for 0V to be C0, C1 (default) or C2 and as Hz/V with settings for the output to be 1V/10Hz, 1V/100Hz or 1V/1kHz;
  • BPM CV using the Andrew Macaulay Modules standard of 1V=100bpm, which can be useful to sync LFO inputs or gates with low frequency sources; and
  • WaveTime CV at 10ms/V, 100ms/V or 1sec/V allowing control of audio slew rates on the Slew Processor or envelope times on the Voltage-Controlled Envelope. The WaveTime CV also has settings for full cycle, half-cycle or quarter-cycle timing and divide by 2 using the same options as the Pitch CV to Wavetime module.

Due to the internal sample rate and the measurement approach, frequency measurement works up to around 21kHz and there is some small amount of drift in the measured values (which can be more noticeable at higher frequencies), which can be reduced by the included optional smoothing of up to 10ms on the frequency measurement.

Annotated image of Frequency to CV module with description of controls
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