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The Pitch CV Octaver module is a fixed CV transpose module (NOT AN AUDIO SIGNAL MODULE) to help with those oscillators and instrument modules which need to be set to 16’ or 4’ for A4 (MIDI note 69) to output 440Hz. This can be used to make it simpler to use multiple modules in a patch.

This small module takes the 1V/OCT CV input, adds an octave for those oscillators which have to be set to 4′ or +12 semitones for A4 to output 440Hz, and subtracts an octave for those oscillators (including the main Cherry Audio oscillators) that have to set to 16′ for A4 to output 440Hz. This means that you can control all your oscillators and instrument modules with the 8′ octave setting outputting A4 (MIDI note 69) as 440Hz.

By default, the PITCH (and POLY PITCH) signal from the I/O Panel is used on each channel, with the option to patch in your own cable – allowing sequencers, etc. as well as keyboards/DAWs. The small form factor module includes three channels, two of which are monophonic and one of which is polyphonic.

The module also includes an A440 audio source and A4 voltage output to allow easy checking of individual modules.

Annotated image of Pitch CV Octaver module with description of controls

Examples where CV Pitch Octaver can be helpful include FM Station where using the [+] output allows the module to be set to 8’ for A4 as 440Hz (needs to be set to 4′ otherwise), and Synthvoice and many of the Cherry Audio oscillators where using the [–] output allows the modules to be set to 8’ for A4 as 440Hz (need to be set to 16′ otherwise).

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