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The Poly IO Bus Plus module enhances the IO Bus polyphonic inputs (or alternate inputs) by outputting Monophonic Gates in in Legato (“single”) and Retrigger (“multi”) mode, Monophonic Triggers for the first note (“single”) and retriggered (“multi”), Sustained versions of the polyphonic gates and a poly-pitch output with the pitch bend included (and control over the maximum bend).

The module offers two modes of operation for how it deals with “note stealing” when you have exceeded the number of notes set as the maximum polyphony – standard operation, whereby the gate output and sustained gate output behave as the normal gate, with often legato behaviour when playing a sequence of notes which exceeds the polyphony; and note triggered mode which always triggers when a new note is seen (the module expects raw notes here, i.e. without any pitch bend or vibrato).

Annotated image of Poly IO Bus Plus module with description of controls
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