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The Matrix Switch module allows you to switch 8 inputs to 8 outputs (mono OR poly) in a matrix form, so you can for example send input 1 and input 3 to output 1, input 1 and input 2 and input 5 to output 2, etc. The signal can be Control Voltages, clocks or Audio Signals.

There are options to set the switching to specifically support Audio/CV inputs where the on/off switches are smoothed to remove ‘pops’ if used whilst playing audio, a CV Input to Gate Out mode which adds values together to then output a 5V/0V gate signal, and the Gate In/Gate Out mode which converts the input on all inputs to gates (<2.5V is “off”, >= 2.5V is “on”) before adding them together.

The module can be used for either polyphonic or monophonic signals. A switch allows changing between the modes when there are no signal input or output jacks connected.

Annotated image of Matrix Switch module with description of controls
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