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The Stereo Mid/Side Processor module is an audio processing module designed to take audio inputs in Stereo, Mid/Side encoded or Mono and process them in the stereo field (with voltage-controlled actions) including Balance, Stereo Width and channel flipping.

The module takes Stereo, Mid-Side or Mono inputs with trim and phase inversion and allows voltage-control over the channels (with panning for Stereo/Mono and volume for Mid-Side) and overall balance and stereo width and then outputs the results in Stereo, Mid-Side and Mono.

The module includes a Secondary Mid/Side to Stereo Decoder so that the M/S Output can be processed with other modules and then recombined in Stereo without another instance of the module.

Release 6 fixed some issues with possible glitching when very large CVs were applied. Older presets will be migrated automatically where possible. Where this is not possible, a legacy mode option will be made visible in the “Advanced Settings” panel, which can also be accessed if you want to play with extreme settings!

Annotated image of Stereo Mid-Side Processor module with description of controls
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