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The Sequencer Gate Switch for VM2500 module was designed to enhance Cherry Audio’s VM2500 1027 Clocked Sequential Control (part of Cherry Audio’s VM2500 Collection) but can be used with other sequencers in a similar manner. This help is focussed on describing its use with the VM2500 module.

This module allows you to easily use the VM2500 1027 Clocked Sequential Control as a drum sequencer, taking the 10 POS gates output from the 1027 as inputs, together with (optionally) the CLOCK OUT from the 1027 for gate width information, and provides three channels of switched gate outputs (each step individually switched) with Gate and Trigger outputs as needed by some VM2500 envelopes, especially when the gate width is set to 100% on the 1027 for legato sequencing of notes.

The Gate output on each of the three channels can optionally be switched to “Percussive” mode, a fixed short gate width allowing triggering of VM2500 envelopes with no sustain phase for drum and other uses. There are 10 outputs (which each incorporate the gate width information) which can be used to daisy-chain more modules if more than three channels are needed. The module also provides a trigger output from steps 1-10 adding a trigger output for the 1027 if needed for normal sequencing duties.

Annotated image of Sequencer Gate Switch for VM2500 module with description of controls
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