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Release Notes: Release 6.0

01 February 2022

[01/03/2022] additional update to Voltage Controlled Envelope released.

Release 6.0 consists of twenty-two new modules plus enhancements to many of the existing modules. The full release notes follow, which provide a significant amount of detail about the release:

New Modules

A440 Tuning Module, Drift Generator, Dual Frequency Meter, Eight Mono VCAs, Eight Poly VCAs, Eight Mono Amplifiers, Eight Poly Amplifiers, Eight Mono Switched Gates, Eight Poly Switched Gates, Fixed DC Voltages, Frequency to CV, Micro Tuning, Micro Tuning Plus, Poly ENV-20 EG2, Envelope, Poly IO Bus Plus, Poly Micro Envelope, Poly Micro Env-VCA, Sequencer Gate Switch, Stretch Tuning, Time Meter, Trigger to Fixed Gate and UI Settings Configurator


  • Clock Generator: allows BPM-sensing without Sync, added BPM CV (1V=100bpm) input option, added dotted note mode (not on sync’d mode), added sync Enable (resets on start) for free-running clock
  • Delayed LFO: new Dotted Note button when in BPM sync’d LFO Freq
  • Micro Meters: new range (10V added), max mode shows peak +/- (shows +ve and -ve values), Locked or Sampled (at GUI Refresh rate) mode
  • Pitch CV Modifier: added centre point (with learn) for INVERT processing
  • Pitch CV Transpose: added poly inputs/outputs on all channels
  • Sample/Track & Hold: Dotted Note option for Host/CV/Clock Sync’d BPM, Clock Out now also supports pass through of Ext Gate
  • Step Generator: forced reset using Shift/Command/Ctrl Click, REPT option repeats top/bottom notes when reflected, Steps (Gate/Trigger) output controlled by stepping state
  • Trigger Delay: switchable 2ms gate output option for all outputs
  • Voltage Controlled Envelope: Sustain Time now sets a minimum Sustain Time (default 0) in normal mode, BPM CV Input now added, options for different Inverted/Normalised Envelope out; [01/03/2022] Attack, Decay and Release curve options with CV controls added
  • Voltage Controlled Ratcheter: added External Clock (as well as BPM CV) for BPM setting

General Enhancements:

  • Added Fast Attack (Log Mode/East Coast Style) on Voltage Controlled Envelope, ENV-20 EG2 Envelope, Micro Envelope and Micro Envelope VCA modules;
  • Added default inputs from the IO Panel (with switches where required) to many of the modules where this makes sense, including most of the Envelopes and other modules;
  • Time knobs on all modules allow editing as well as display in “intelligent” mode (secs and ms) using “{s|S}*” for seconds and anything else as milliseconds;
  • Added intelligent dB/percentage data entry options for relevant (dB or switchable to dB) knobs as well as improved editing on all knobs e.g. accept + sign;
  • Improved and further standardised BPM sync input design, still some exceptions where existing design was better or legacy handling would be too complex – legacy mode enabled where migration of legacy presets might not be possible;
  • Internationalisation: ensured number display/editing recognises local decimal places correctly, preset saves work correctly and fixed issues with non-English users Undo/Redo not working reliably;
  • DSP code updated to use CA optimisations, UI improvements/standardisation, improved custom help tooltip design. Improvements to common/shared code.

Notable Fixes:

  • Clock Generator: Fixed minor issues with Enable after Mute sometimes generating additional gate/triggers on the change; Improved clock/gate generation when switching between modes (manual/sync’d/free/CV)
  • Micro Envelope VCA: Fix to Exponential Mode on VCA control; Bypass mode now Mutes VCA rather than passthrough
  • Micro Ratcheter: Output corrected to 5V from 25V
  • Pattern Ratcheter: Output corrected to 5V from 25V; corrected 5V/100% on CV in with legacy mode for 1V/100%
  • Pitch CV Modifier: removing Transpose ON/OFF Jack was not resetting the transpose mode to ON, now fixed
  • Pitch CV Transpose: removing input jacks could leave output with voltage
  • Step Generator: Reset to START not working when Clock not running
  • Stereo/Mid-Side Processor: Fix to CV inputs being 1V=100% and breaking up audio by clipping when over ±100%, Backwards compatibility and legacy mode provided
  • VC Envelope: Gate On and Fixed Sustain Length could lock gate on; Manual Gate button not working when in latched mode; Sustain input now works with looping mode properly; Loop Buttons now interact OK incl. on load/preset load; [01/03/2022] improved accuracy for timing of stages; fixes to looping modes

— END —

Andrew Macaulay

Andrew Macaulay is an electronic music composer/player/producer and a developer of music software in the form of modules for Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio.

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