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Release Notes: Release 6.1a

06 August 2022

Release 6.1a consists of one new module and some changes to the way that note octaves are displayed to align with the expected notation in other Voltage Modular modules.

New Module

CV Pitch Octaver: a “helper” module designed to make it easy to “normalise” the octaves in different modules, where some expect to be set to 16′ and others to 4′ to output 440Hz at A4 rather than the more normal 8′ setting. This came out of the research around standard octave settings in Voltage Modular modules and other instruments following the changes made to the CV Note Display.


  • CV Note Display: changed from an octave display setting based on MIDI0 to a setting for Middle C. Options are now C3 (Yamaha/Steinberg), C4 (default) and C5 (Cakewalk). The range covered has changed with the old MIDI0=-3 no longer available (not used in any software I could find) and loaded if used in any previous presets as C3. MIDI0=-2 is now C3 and MID0=-1 is now C4.
  • MicroTuning Plus, Pitch CV Modifier, Step Generator and Stretch Tuning were all updated so that the displays and any knob tooltips also reflect the now standard C4 as Middle C.

— END —

Andrew Macaulay

Andrew Macaulay is an electronic music composer/player/producer and a developer of music software in the form of modules for Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio.

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