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Release Notes: Release 5


19 May 2020
The following changes are included in Release 5 of the modules, which was released alongside the release of Voltage Modular 2.

General Improvements
There are a number of changes and improvements that have been made across the majority of the modules, to take advantage of the new features of Voltage Modular 2:
1. Categories: Many of the modules are now in the new Categories introduced in Voltage Modular2, so should be easier to find. Note that some could be in multiple categories but can only be shown in one.
2. UI Changes: The UI for some modules have been “freshened up” using the new capabilities in Voltage Modular 2 – in these cases the layout itself has not been changed.
3. Consistency: Work was included in this release to improve common code and consistency across the modules, including ensuring that all trigger sensing from gates uses the transition across 2.5V. This should not affect any presets.

Functional Enhancements
There are a number of modules where functional enhancements have been made, using some of the new capabilities in Voltage Modular 2:
1. Volume/Attenuation Knobs in a number of modules now can be used in their existing linear (percentage) mode or switched to a logarithmic dB mode. This is simply a display option and has been implemented in the Matrix Mixer, Voltage Controlled Matrix Mixer and Micro Mixbus.
2. Linear/Exponential (Volume) VCA control: in a number of modules the VCA control voltages can now be set to respond in an exponential manner. This includes the Micro Envelope VCA, Trapezoid Envelope VCA and the Dual VCA/Inverter modules.
3. Tempo Change trigger generating a trigger when the Host/DAW tempo changes has been added to the Tempo Display and Clock-CV-Clock Modules.
4. Slew Processor: the gates to enable/disable Quantization on the Rise and Fall stages are now implemented, together with a switch to select their operation between triggered (alternate mode), gated or inverted gated.
5. Micro Switch: now has the option for the output voltage (ON) to be either the existing 5V or an alternate 1V.
6. Voltage Controlled Envelope: now has additional Minimum Time controls (0ms-10ms) for the Attack, Hold, Decay, Sustain and Release times providing more control when driving the module with complex control voltages.

Two New Modules
There are two new modules released as part of Release 5. These are the CV Utilities module which provides some simple utility functions, and the I/O Bus Plus module that takes the Voltage Modular I/O bus and adds legato, retrigger and sustained gates; pitch with pitch bend; and a BPM CV out and Tempo Change trigger.

— END —

Andrew Macaulay is an electronic music composer/player/producer and a developer of music software in the form of modules for Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio.

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