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Release Notes: Release 5.4(a)

29 August 2020
Release 5.4 is a minor update to all modules which includes further work on the move to more common code (ready for major updates/new modules in future releases). The release also includes:

Improvements to the UI around the consistency of the knob value tooltips (time and BPM-sync’d) as well as some more control of the custom “tooltip” style help popups.

Fixes. A small number of minor coding errors were found and fixed, specifically around the custom tooltip behaviour and delayed timings.

Deprecated: the “indicator” for new releases (when the Releases Notes are disabled) has been removed, as it was proving difficult to make this indicator 100% reliable.

28 September 2020 (Release 5.4a)
The MIDI Display module now has the option to display the Control and/or Data information in hexadecimal format as an alternative to the existing decimal format.

30 November 2020
New released of the Voltage Controlled Envelope to address high CPU usage issues that were identified as a regression bug from some UI fixes [Issue #19].

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Andrew Macaulay

Andrew Macaulay is an electronic music composer/player/producer and a developer of music software in the form of modules for Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio.

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