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Release Notes: Release 5.2

09 June 2020
The following changes are included in Release 5.2 of the modules, which includes further enhancements to reflect new features and capabilities in Voltage Modular 2. There are no new modules in this release.

Functional Enhancements
The following modules have functional and/or significant UI enhancements:
1. Mini Delayed LFO now features default inputs from the I/O Panel for the Trigger input, Mod Wheel (CV1) and Aftertouch (CV2) inputs together with preset migration for older presets by setting the relevant amount to zero if no jack was connected.
2. Clock Multiplier/Divider now has a latch option for the “run gate” so that a Trigger signal can swap between run and stop mode.
3. Micro Status now allows selection of the colour of the LEDs for each module instance (Red, Green, Blue, White and the Red and Blue tri-state mode with Red=negative and Blue=positive) plus the ability to change the cutoff voltage for On/Off in non-triggered mode from the default 0.4V.
4. Voltage Controlled Switch has a revised UI to both reduce the size of the module and to improve the QuickSet feature by using a drop-down menu.

Internal Changes
1. Improved Support for Variations: making sure, when modules open variations saved from a previous version of that module, any migration of the “preset” is correctly handled.
2. Improving Support for Resetting or Randomizing: by making sure that any necessary defaults are reset in these instances.
3. Further UI Updates/Enhancements: replacing the existing “help popup” displays used in a few modules with a more traditional tooltip as well as improving the behaviour of the configuration overlay popups by disabling any hidden controls so that they don’t “peek through” the overlay.

1. Dual Voltmeter: fixed the bug for when the voltage display did not switch on the decimal place “.” or the “V” text when you opened a patch/save where the module has been saved with a jack connected.
2. Voltage Controlled Matrix Switch and Mixer: fixed a bug when in gated mode that only the last jack in a linked set would control the rows; now working on any of the jacks in a linked set [14/06/2020].

— END —

Andrew Macaulay

Andrew Macaulay is an electronic music composer/player/producer and a developer of music software in the form of modules for Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio.

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