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Release Notes: Release 2

28 March 2019
The following changes are included in the 28th February 2019 release of the modules:

Matrix-Switch module (8×8) to join the Matrix-Mixer and provide a simple matrix of on/off switching across 8 inputs to 8 outputs.
Micro-Envelope VCA module, providing a simple AHDSR envelope driving a VCA in a small form factor, ideal for multiple waveforms from an oscillator.
Dual VCA and Inverter module, providing 2 simple voltage-controlled amplifiers and a control voltage inverter in a small form factor module.
Micro-Meters module providing two dual input digital VU-style -5V to +5V meters which can be used for stereo in or for general voltage monitoring.
Micro-Status module with 8 LEDs that display for positive voltage, non-zero positive or negative voltage or trigger edges from CV inputs.
Micro-Switch, a simple manual 8-way off/on +5V CV switch module to supplement the Manual Gate module.

Gate Length Processor, Clock Generator, Trigger Delay and VC Envelope: There was an issue when saving and loading presets which were using the BPM-divider timings. A workaround was to load the preset twice which recovers the BPM-based timing if it failed first time. This has now been fixed with state of all modes stored and retrieved, further improving behaviour over the original design.
Note, the first time you load a BPM-based save, you may still need to load it twice. Once you have retrieved it, resave the preset to permanently fix the issue.
Trigger Sync and Gate Toggle: LED and state behaviours: a number of issues with the armed and gated behaviours removing jacks and saving/loading state/presets have been addressed.

Pattern Ratcheter module has additional options for controlling the gate width, including switching individual steps to a master gate time, adding to the button to set all gates to be as per step 1 added in the previous release.
As this has been quite challenging retaining the same size, some built in help dialogues have been added to the module – clicking on the new Master Gate Time label or the heading labels will ring up further information.
Trigger Delay module now has Clock-based BPM control in addition to the host-based settings for the delays in the module.
Trigger Sync and Gate Toggle has options to never automatically release the “armed” state (except if jack removed) and manually release the state.
This also has some built in help dialogues – clicking on the heading for each section brings up a dialogue box with more info.

Custom Help has been added to all of the modules, providing additional information about the various controls and use of each module. This is also available from the Module Help section on the website.
Tempo and Voltage Meter modules have been changed to using the digital counter-style displays.
Pattern Ratcheter and Trigger Sync and Gate Toggle modules now have some built-in help, by clicking on labels/header areas, dialogue boxes are brought up with further information. The aim is that this will be replaced in future releases with tool-tip behaviours (hovering over the areas) once a way has been found to implement it.

I think that’s all for this release!

Andrew Macaulay

Andrew Macaulay is an electronic music composer/player/producer and a developer of music software in the form of modules for Voltage Modular by Cherry Audio.

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