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Andrew Macaulay’s Modules Release 5.2

Release 5.2 of Andrew Macaulay's Modules is now live, with enhancements to the Mini Delayed LFO, Clock Multiplier/Divider and Micro Status modules, fixes to the Dual Voltmeter, improved (smaller) UI for the Voltage-Controlled Switch and internal improvements and optimisations across all…

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Andrew Macaulay’s Modules Release 5.1

Announcing Release 5.1 of Andrew Macaulay's Modules, with further enhancements to many modules as well as another two brand new modules, this release takes the total number of control, ratcheting and sequencing, envelope and LFO, gate and trigger, mixing and…

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Andrew Macaulay’s Modules Release 5

--- THE VOLTAGE MODULAR 2 RELEASE --- Announcing Release 5 of Andrew Macaulay's Modules, designed to complement the release of Voltage Modular 2. With enhancements to many modules to take advantage of the new features in Voltage Modular 2, as…

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Cherry Audio Holiday Special Offer Promotions

As part of the Cherry Audio Holiday Special Offer Promotions for the 2019 holiday season, the six collections of Andrew Macaulay's Modules for Voltage Modular are being offered with a special holiday 10% discount. In summary: BundleSale PriceNormal PriceModules IncludedValue…

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Upgrade Pricing (to Bundles) Now Available

I am very pleased to announce that I have now added "Upgrade" pricing options to my bundles (as the Cherry Audio Store now supports this). The system works as follows: Module to Individual Bundle If you have purchased any module…

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